Utility Information

The Borough of Wyomissing provides our residents water services through the Western Berks Water Authority and PA American Water, and sewer services through the Joint Municipal Authority. All three providers are strongly committed to providing our Borough and surrounding municipalities with the highest level of care, performing a vast array of tests to ensure compliance with DEP and other governing bodies.

Residents will receive utilities bills on a quarterly basis. Please note, the Wyomissing Hills section of our Borough is serviced by PA American Water, and the remainder of the Borough is serviced by Western Berks Water Authority. Because of the difference in servicing bodies, please take note of the utility billing cycles below.

Utility Billing Cycles:

Wyomissing Hills takes place the end of January, April, July, and October.

Remainder of the Borough takes place the end of December, March, June, and September.

ALL bills are due the last day of the following month no matter which billing cycle your household is on.

All payments must be received by the borough by the due date. A 10% penalty will be added for all payments not received in our office by the due date.

Unsure if your residence is within the Wyomissing Hills jurisdiction? Please check the Wyomissing Hills Map (PDF).

Utility Payment Options

  1. ACH - Direct Debit Payment

Pay utility bills automatically through a checking or savings account (ACH - Direct Debit Payment). The Borough of Wyomissing will automatically withdrawal the amount of your utility bill from the account of your choice, as your way of making payment for your utility bill; all at no charge to you.

To participate in the automatic withdrawal program for your utilities, fill out the "Utility Payment Automatic Withdrawal" form below, and return it to the Borough at least 1 week prior to the billing date of your next billing. Funds will be withdrawn from you account on the 20th of month the bill is due.

Utility Payment Automatic Withdrawl (PDF)

  1. Bill Payment Services
  1. Online
  1. By Phone
  1. By Mail
  1. In Person