Rental Properties

View and download the Rental Inspection Application and Rental Checklist

Any property owner in the Borough choosing to use their dwelling as a long-term rental unit, must apply for a rental unit permit. Rental units within the Borough must comply with the various inspection rules set forth, to remain in operation. Rental properties will be inspected every two years (unless otherwise noted in the applicable Ordinance) and will require payment for inspections as noted in the current year fee schedule. 

  • When applying, be sure to have the applicable application fee as provided in the current year Fee Schedule.
  • Permits will not be issued immediately. Please allow several business days for review and issuance of the permit
  • Kraft Municipal Group will contact the property owner to schedule the inspection once all application paperwork has been reviewed
  • You will also be required to submit a Rental Business Privilege License to the Berks Earned Income Tax office. For more for more information and to the Rental Business Privilege License application, visit our Business Privilege License Information page

View and download the 2009 Rental Ordinance and the Revised 2015 Rental Ordinance

Rate Schedule for Rental Inspection Program Resolution 2016-13

  • Units: 1 to 2 
    • Fee: $60 per unit 
    • Frequency: Every 2 years
  • Units: 3 to 20 
    • Fee: $60 for the first unit and $40 for each additional unit
    • Frequency: Every 2 years
  • Units: 21 or more
    • Fee: $35 per unit
    • Frequency: Every 2 years
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