Business Privilege License Information

The word "business" is defined as "the activity of making, buying, or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money." If you are operating a business and receiving income from that business, you are required to apply for a Business Privilege License. Internet and/or Limited Liability Corporations qualify as businesses and require a License as well. A home based business also requires a license and business operators must comply with the home occupation regulations in the Zoning Ordinance. 

If you anticipate opening a new business or renting/leasing a commercial or residential property to a tenant within the Borough of Wyomissing, it is imperative that you file an Application for a Business Privilege License. Pursuant to Ordinance Number 1346, amending Ordinance Number 1237, it provides that any person desiring to conduct, or to continue to conduct, any business within the Borough of Wyomissing, shall file an application for a Business Privilege License directly with the Berks Earned Income Tax Bureau, and shall pay fees based on the chart below. Renewal documentation will be mailed in December for the succeeding year.

Business Privilege License Fees (Chapter 24, Section 103)

  • New license application fee: $50
  • Annual license renewal fee: $25
  • Late payment penalty: $10
    • (Penalty applicable if license has not been paid in full by the end of January of the succeeding year)

Please keep in mind that failure to comply with the above-referenced Ordinance or conducting business in the Borough of Wyomissing without a current Business Privilege License can result in a fine up to $600 dollars, plus costs associated with prosecution.

Business Privilege License Categories

View and download the Temporary Business Privilege License Application (PDF)

This is defined as a business that is conducted at one location for less than 60 consecutive days in a year which includes trade shows (for example baseball/football card sales), exhibitions, conferences, seminars of any type, etc.

  • The Temporary License Application fee is $20.
  • The Temporary License Application and fee are to be returned to Borough Hall