The Wyomissing Stone House Pond is now OPEN for skating!

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts in order for us to maintain a smooth safe surface:

Do: keep an eye out for cracked ice, holes, and debris

Do: monitor small children while on and off the ice

Do: skate only between the hours of 7:00 Am-9:30 PM

Don’t: throw rocks or debris on the ice

Don’t: attempt to remove snow from the pond after a snowstorm, please allow the Borough’s Parks and Recreation staff ample time to remove snow from the skating surface.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Just a reminder to residents in the Greenwood Mall section of the Borough that you will have a refuse collection day change effective the week of 1/3/2022 and moving forward. Please review your copy of the 2022 Talking Trash publication to see when your refuse collection day will be. You may obtain a copy of Talking Trash by clicking here

*From our Refuse Haulers:*

Waste Management, the nation’s leading environmental services provider, is proud to service the residents of Wyomissing Borough and would like to apologize to the community for service difficulties residents have been experiencing for the last few months.

The effects of the ongoing COVID pandemic continue to impact our business and, like many transportation companies, we are being challenged by a shortage of commercial truck drivers and technicians. We regret the inconvenience this is causing our customers in Wyomissing and are taking strong steps to resolve this situation and satisfy our customers.

Thank you for patience and again, sorry for the inconvenience as we work to resolve this situation and satisfy our customers.

Looking for COVID vaccination availabilities and other helpful resources? Click here to view available resources from Do Your Part Berks.

The 2020 Water Consumer Confidence Report is now available. Please click the button below to review the report.

(reports are available mid-year, the following year)

2020 Water Quality Report

Yard waste collections will begin on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 and run every Wednesday through December 7, 2022. As a reminder, all collections are considered to be grass clippings, leaves, and small twigs. Collections must be in biodegradable bags, refuse type containers, or in bundles if you are setting sticks at the curb. Please remember that containers and bags should weight less than 40lbs each, please do not set items in the street. For more information, please visit the Refuse and Recycling portion of our website.

You may have noticed the recycling mailer that was sent out by J.P. Mascaro, increasing the type of items that can now be recycled. The Borough of Wyomissing is pleased to announce that we are now participating in the Flexible Plastic Packaging Program offered through J.P. Mascaro. What has changed? You are less restricted to the items you put in your recycle container, empty bottles, containers and packaging need to be thoroughly washed out, and due to the light-weight items now accepted, we ask that residents utilize the lids provided with your recycling cans.

Need a new recycle can? Please contact Borough Hall at 610-376-7481 to request a new one. Have questions on items that can or cannot be recycled? Please click the button below to review the acceptable items. Still unsure about something you want to recycle? Call the experts at J.P. Mascaro: 484-250-4686, they’re available to guide you in the direction of proper recycling.

J.P. Mascaro Recycling Mailer