The Wyomissing Borough Hall will be closed to visitors beginning
March 16, 2020 and remain closed until further notice as Borough Staff closely monitors the Coronavirus situation. The Borough of Wyomissing playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts will be closed beginning March 19, 2020. Park trails and open spaces will remain open.

The administration will continue to monitor COVID-19 and reevaluate to decide whether continued closure is necessary. Staff will remain on site and will be available to answer calls and emails Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. (Borough Hall Closure Press Release)(Borough Playgrounds, Basketball and Tennis Court Closure Press Release)(Emergency Proclamation)(Summer Events)

Public Works, Police, Fire, and EMS services are on duty, and will remain on duty.

For assistance, please call:

610-376-7481 for Borough Hall or by email at:
610-376-7481 for Tax Collector Betsy Heckman or by email at:
610-375-6102 for Non- Emergency/ Administrative Police Office
610-655-4911 for Non-emergencies needing to speak to an on-duty police officer
911 for Fire and Police Emergencies

For tax and utility bill payments, please drop payments in the large drop box located in the Borough Hall parking lot near the handicap ramp. Receipts will be made available at Borough Hall once the building is re-opened OR Payment receipts will be mailed to residents if requested.

Residential building permits, commercial building permits and zoning permits will continue to be accepted through the after-hours drop box at Borough Hall, and through the USPS, FedEx or UPS. Residential and commercial building permits will be reviewed, approved and available for pickup at Kraft Code Services office, with payment due at the time of pickup. Due to the Governor’s order issued on Thursday, March 19, 2020, construction work is only allowed to begin on emergency repairs, health care facilities and projects that have received a waiver from DCED. A copy of the DCED waiver will be required to be provided at the time the permit is picked up. Borough staff and Kraft Code Services will only perform inspections at this time for permits that have been issued for an emergency repair, for health care facilities or for projects that have received a waiver from DCED. All non-essential construction activities, as defined and described in the Governor’s order, must cease operations immediately. Zoning permits received that are not applied for in conjunction with a residential or commercial building permit, will not be issued until after the Governor’s order has been lifted. If you have any questions please contact Michele Bare at, or at 610-376-7481.

Refuse and recycling collection will continue as usual on the normal routes and schedules. All refuse must be bagged in appropriate trash bags and properly secured at the top. Please do not set items at the curb that are just in plastic store bags. These items will not be collected due to the increased risk of bags breaking and spreading potential COVID-19 contamination. Recycling can continue to be placed in recycling receptacles as normal.


Berks County Department of Emergency Services has created a webpage to help residents of Berks County navigate resources for the Coronavirus. This site contains locally and nationally developed resources to provide accurate Coronavirus information. Please click the button below to access the Berks County DES website.

Stay At Home Order Guidance

Coronavirus Information

Berks County COVID-19 Call Center Info

Flush Toilet Paper Only

Crimewatch Wyomissing


Click the button below for various resources to help small business navigate available options during this time of crisis.

Small Business Resources

Essential/Non-Essential Life Sustaining Industries

Working Capital Access Guidelines

CWCA Fact Sheet

Guide to Cares Act

Cares Act

Real Estate Tax Bills:
You should have received your tax bills in the mail by now. If you have not received your bill, please call Betsy Heckman, Tax Collector at 610-376-7481 x103 to request a copy. A reminder: the discount period will end April 30, 2020.


You may have noticed the recycling mailer that was sent out by J.P. Mascaro, increasing the type of items that can now be recycled. The Borough of Wyomissing is pleased to announce that we are now participating in the Flexible Plastic Packaging Program offered through J.P. Mascaro. What has changed? You are less restricted to the items you put in your recycle container, empty bottles, containers and packaging need to be thoroughly washed out, and due to the light-weight items now accepted, we ask that residents utilize the lids provided with your recycling cans.

Need a new recycle can? Please contact Borough Hall at 610-376-7481 to request a new one. Have questions on items that can or cannot be recycled? Please click the button below to review the acceptable items. Still unsure about something you want to recycle? Call the experts at J.P. Mascaro: 484-250-4686, they’re available to guide you in the direction of proper recycling.

J.P. Mascaro Recycling Mailer


The Borough will again be implementing a 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program to improve the quality of our public sidewalk system. The program will be based off of a cooperative agreement between homeowner’s and the Borough, in which the Borough will contribute half the cost, up to $1,000, for voluntary repairs made to a public sidewalk, by the homeowner. Click on the button below for more information. Applications are due back to the Borough Hall by April 30, 2020.

50/50 Sidewalk Information


Yard waste collection for 2020 will be every Wednesday from March 18th to December 9th. Dates to be determined for 2020 Fall leaf collection.


Get ready for Census 2020! Click the Census 2020 logo to learn more about the upcoming census!

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