Refuse, Recycle & Yard Waste

As a courtesy, the Borough of Wyomissing provides residents with a Refuse, Recycling and Yard Waste program. Our programs provides continuity of service by contracting with one trash hauler, and one recycling company. As a resident, you will be billed for this service quarterly, and it will appear on your utility bill with your water billing. You will always receive Refuse, Recycling and Yard Waste program billing the beginning of a quarter, before services are rendered.

With our program, residents have the benefit of:

  • One refuse collection day per week
  • Borough-wide single-stream recycling collection every Wednesday
  • Borough-wide yard waste collection every Monday from mid-March to mid-December
  • Upon request, new residents (only) are issued a free recycling container with lid (please call Borough Hall to request yours today!)
  • Bulk item pick-up (Residents must purchase a $15 bulk tag per item from Borough Hall at least two days before the regularly scheduled refuse collection day. Cash or check only). Two bulk items may be set out on one Refuse day.

If you experience missed stops with refuse, recycle, or yard waste collections, please contact Borough Hall at 610-376-7481 to report the matter, and Borough Hall will be in contact with the hauler to report the missed stop.

Bulk tags are available at Borough Hall for $15 per item. 2 items may be set out on your regular refuse collection day. Bulk tickets must be purchased at least two days in advance. Bulk tickets must be affixed to the item(s) you want to dispose. To keep the ticket safely affixed to the item, place the ticket in a sandwich bag and attach to the bulk item with any heavy-duty tape.

Examples of acceptable bulk items include but are not limited to sofas, couches, recliners, mattresses, box springs, bookshelves, etc. Each item, even if in a pair or set, must have a bulk tag attached to it. Mattresses and box springs must be in mattress bags which may be purchased at home improvement stores or through online retail stores.

Examples of acceptable bulk construction materials include but are not limited to shingles, carpeting, lumber, drywall, paneling, etc. Please breakdown any large pieces or sheets into smaller bundles. Carpeting can be placed in bags or may be kept in rolls. If you're keeping carpet in rolls, you only need one bulk tag per 5 bundles.