The Borough zoning ordinance and map were recently revised, by the adoption of Ordinance No. 1381-2017, at the January 2017 Borough Council meeting. The new ordinance and map are now available on the Borough’s website. The revisions include:

  • The creation of the new C-3 and I-3 districts
  • Changing an existing R-1 neighborhood in the Berkshire Heights area to the C-1 district
  • Amending language in the Commercial and Industrial Overlay District regulations
  • Regulating medical marijuana, pawn shops, tattoo parlors and treatment facilities within the new C-3 and I-3 districts
  • Revising the language within the sign regulations to remove “and/or” language
  • Authorizes the zoning hearing board to comply with ADA regulations when approving variances/special exceptions.

PDF Chapter 27 – Zoning – May 20180531

Zoning Map-Amended by Ord 1381-2017 Jan 10 2017


If you have any questions related to the revised ordinance or map, please contact Michele Bare at, or at 610-676-7481.