As we finish the first month of refuse collections with our new refuse hauler, J.P. Mascaro, several educational opportunities have been pointed out by the hauler in regards to the refuse, recycling, and yard waste program. They are as follows:

  • Refuse, recycling, and yard waste must be at your curb, driveway, or alleyway by 6:00 a.m. (unless otherwise notified by the Borough). The hauler will not enter your property for collections, nor is the hauler responsible for placing refuse and recycling containers at any location other than at your curb, driveway, or alleyway
  • Refuse, recycling, and yard waste occur only on your scheduled collection day (unless otherwise notified by the Borough)
  • Refuse, recycling, and yard waste items should not be co-mingled. Ensure there are no prohibited items in the container such as construction debris
  • Recycling containers must be clearly marked, and recycling must be directly in the container, not a plastic bag. Be sure there is no excessive water in the recycling container
  • Recycling containers may NOT be used for refuse collections. Under Act 101, the haulers may experience serious penalties if they are seen dumping a labeled recycling container into a refuse truck
  • Refuse containers must be clearly marked if you are using a container that is not distinguishable as a refuse container
  • Yard waste only takes place from mid-March to mid-December on a Monday

As these educational opportunities arise, the haulers will continue to tag items with an explanation as to why the items were not taken. Communications will also continue between the Borough and haulers in regards to items not set out in time, items not prepared correctly, or concerns raised by residents about the haulers. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Borough Hall at 610-376-7481.