Yard Waste collection 2023 will run each Monday from March 13-December 4 (unless otherwise noted in the Talking Trash holiday collection schedule)
Please click here for information regarding refuse & recycling, and utility service increases for 2023
As a courtesy, the Borough of Wyomissing provides residents with a Refuse, Recycling & Yard Waste program. Our programs provides continuity of service by contracting with one trash hauler, and one recycling company. With our program, residents have the benefit of:

  •  One refuse collection day per week
  •  Borough-wide single-stream recycling collection every Wednesday
  •  Borough-wide yard waste collection every Monday from mid-March to mid-December
  •  Upon request, residents are issued a free recycling container with lid (please call Borough Hall to request yours today!)
  •  Bulk item pick-up (Residents must purchase a $15 bulk tag per item from Borough Hall at least two days before the regularly scheduled refuse collection day. Cash or check only)

As a resident, you will be billed for this service quarterly, and it will appear on your utility bill with your water billing. You will always receive Refuse, Recycling & Yard Waste program billing the beginning of a quarter, before services are rendered.

If you experience missed stops with refuse, recycle, or yard waste collections, please contact Borough Hall at 610-376-7481 to report the matter, and Borough Hall will be in contact with the hauler to report the missed stop.

  • Bulk Item Guidelines

    1.  Bulk tags are available at Borough Hall for $15 per item. 2 items may be set out on your regular refuse collection day. Bulk tickets must be purchased at least two days in advance. Bulk tickets much me affixed to the item(s) you want to dispose. To keep the ticket safely affixed to the item, place the ticket in a sandwich bag and attach to the bulk item with any heavy duty tape.
    2.  Examples of acceptable bulk items include but are not limited to sofas, couches, recliners, mattresses, box springs, book shelves, etc. Each item, even if in a pair or set, must have a bulk tag attached to it. Mattresses and box springs MUST be in mattress bags which may be purchased at home improvement stores or through online retail stores.
    3.  Examples of acceptable bulk construction materials include but are not limited to shingles, carpeting, lumber, drywall, panneling, etc. Please breakdown any large pieces or sheets into smaller bundles. Carpeting can be placed in bags or may be kept in rolls. If you’re keeping carpet in rolls, you only need one bulk tag per 5 bundles.
  • Yard Waste Guidelines

    1. If you are using trash cans or any type of container for yard waste, please make sure it has handles and the lid is off the can the day of pickup so the material can be seen from the roadway. Please keep in mind that the weight of yard waste bags and/or containers (trash cans) cannot exceed 40 pounds. If they are too heavy, they will not be picked up
    2.  Biodegradable yard waste bags can be purchased at Borough Hall (cash or check only), or at any home improvement store.
    3. If you have large branches (over 4’ in length and larger than 6” in diameter) that have fallen or hanging from trees located in the front of your house, between the sidewalk and the roadway, those trees are considered to be borough trees and you would need to contact our Tree Department at 610-678-9985 for removal of those limbs.
    4. Any limbs that are smaller than 6” in diameter and do not exceed 4’ in length should be prepared for collection by the yard waste hauler. All sticks/small branches are to be bundled and tied. Please do not make the bundles huge, but within reason so that one person can pick it up quickly and thrown it into the truck without it falling apart. No more than 10 bundles of branches will be accepted per week.
    5.  Grass clippings, leaves and twigs are acceptable items for the Yard Waste collection program.
    6. Trash, firewood, stumps, dirt, and rocks are not acceptable items for the Yard Waste collection program.
  • Recycling Guidelines

    1.  On windy days when recycling or trash containers tilt over and the contents spill onto the ground or street, we would appreciate your cooperation in gathering the material and placing it back into the container. We are asking that you be kind enough to maintain your property out of respect to your neighbors and the Borough.
    2. Due to the lightweight plastics now being accepted by our hauler, we ask that all residents use the lids on their recycling containers.
    3. If you are not using a Borough provided recycling receptacle, please clearly mark “Recycling” on your receptacle of choice. Borough recycling containers are only available to NEW residents in the Borough.
    4. Stationery (with metallic holograms)/Business Cards are not recyclable. They are to be treated as trash. These should not be included with “junk” mail.
    5. Styrofoam is not recyclable. You do have the option of taking it to “Ship for You” or any type of shipping facility to see if they will take it; otherwise, it goes in the trash.
    6. Electronics, appliances, wood, and car parts are NOT acceptable. These items must be taken to a recycling center. Please call Berks County Solid Waste Office at 610-478-6362 to find a recycling center near you.
  • Refuse Guidelines (Borough Code Chapter 20)

    1. Garbage shall be drained and stored in durable watertight containers with handles and tight-fitting covers.
    2. Ashes shall be stored in fire-resistant containers equipped with handles and tight-fitting covers. Ashes containing hot embers shall not be placed out for collection until they have been adequately quenched and cooled.
    3. Rubbish shall be stored in durable containers with tight-fitting covers.
    4. No person shall place, throw or deposit refuse in or along any street, alley, road, highway or public way within the limits of the Borough, unless it is placed in a proper refuse container for the purpose of collection.
    5. No person shall place, throw or deposit refuse in or upon any Borough owned property, park land or recreation area, unless it is placed in a proper refuse container provided by the Borough for such purpose.
    6. No person shall place, throw or deposit refuse in or upon any private property of another, unless it is placed in a proper refuse container for the purpose of collection with the consent of such property owner.
    7. No person shall place, throw or deposit refuse in or upon any stream or any other body of water within the Borough.
    9. All refuse receptacles or containers shall be provided by the owner, tenant or occupant of the premises, unless otherwise specified.
    10. The storage of all refuse by residents of the Borough shall be practiced so as to prevent the attraction, harboring or breeding of insects and/or rodents or vermin, and to eliminate conditions harmful to the public health or which create safety hazards, odors, unsightliness and/or public nuisances.
    11. Residents shall provide a sufficient number of containers necessary to comply with subsection (J), above to contain all refuse generated between regularly scheduled collections.
    12. No person shall place, throw or deposit any refuse originating outside the Borough in any container or otherwise so as to cause or attempt to cause such refuse to be collected at the cost of the Borough as part of the municipal collection, nor shall any person entitled to such municipal collection al- (20, PART 1) 8/6/2015 20-7 low or consent to the throwing, placing or depositing of such refuse for such purpose.
    13. No more than five (5) containers of refuse shall be collected at any Borough Residential Property address on any scheduled collection date. [Ord. 1355]
    14. Refuse shall not be placed at curb or alley for collection earlier than noon (12:00 p.m.) on the day prior to scheduled collection without specific permission from the Borough.
  • Non-Residential Recycling Regulations (ACT 101 Recycling Reporting)

    §123. Private Recycling Programs. Those properties in the Borough not receiving municipal recycling collection services (non-residential properties, including but not limited to, multi-family dwellings with more than 4 units, large apartment and condominium type properties, large commercial and industrial properties and institutional properties) shall establish and maintain their own private collection recycling programs of recyclables listed in Section 142 herein in accordance with the provisions of this Part and Act 101. All such properties shall submit annual reports regarding their recycling programs and shall provide information as requested by the Borough.

    §142. Penalties. Any person who shall violate any provision of this Part shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of $1,000 plus costs and, in default of payment of said fine and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 30 days. Each day that a violation of this Part continues shall constitute a separate offense.

    Act 101 recycling reporting guidelines and blank report sheets are available by contacting Borough Hall at 610-376-7481.

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