The Borough has recently begun a Borough wide inspection program to identify and address property maintenance issue. The exterior areas of all properties in the Borough will be inspected in the upcoming months. A violation notice will be sent to the owner of any property found to have a code violation(s). Enforcement of the code helps maintain property values, addresses quality of life issues and promotes public health and safety.

An enforcement notice will list the sections and requirements of the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code that were found to be in violation. Instructions will be provided as to what must be done to correct the violation and a time frame given for compliance. Contact information for the Codes Office is included in the notice in case an owner has questions.

Failure to comply with with an enforcement notice within the time frame stated in the notice will result in a citation being filed against the property owner, subject to fines of up to $1,000 per day for each day the violation continues. The goal of enforcement is NOT to collect fines. The goal of enforcement is to ensure the standard of living that residents of Wyomissing expect.

If you’re a property owner reading this, you may wonder how this could impact you. The most common types of code violations are provided below. With winter upon us and daylight limited, many people aren’t spending time outside and haven’t conducted a thorough inspection of their property in several months. Please schedule some time to inspect the exterior of your property to check for any potential issues.


  • The exterior of the property is kept free from any accumulation of trash and rubbish. This includes piles of yard waste, trash bags (must be kept in sealed containers), wood, boxes and food waste
  • Weeds and grass are maintained and are trimmed to less than ten inches
  • Firewood is stacked neatly and covered with a tarp or similar covering to prevent rodents
  • Accessory structures, including fences, sheds, garages and retaining walls are maintained in good condition
  • Unlicensed and/or uninspected vehicles are not kept on the premises
  • Swimming pools or spa’s are kept in clean and sanitary condition and have the appropriate necessary enclosures or covers
  • Street number identification required for fire and safety emergencies must be clearly visible from the street
  • The general property maintenance of the interior and exterior must be in good condition, i.e. no excessive peeling of chipping of paint, no holes in any portion of the building, the entire structure is weather tight, etc.
  • The roof and flashing shall be free of any defects that would admit rain. All gutters and downspouts should be properly attached and free from blockages
  • Any deck, patio, platform or landing that is thirty (30) inches or more above the ground, requires a railing at least thirty-six (36) inches high which must be enclosed to prevent the passage of an object four (4) inches or more in diameter through the railing

Please use the contact form below to submit any questions regarding property maintenance and enforcement.