As the COVID-19 situation goes on, I want the residents to know, that the Wyomissing Police Department is continuing to do their job and police the community. However, we are asking for your help. As the weather begins to break and people are tired of being cooped up; we have noticed more and more people using the parkland area to get some much-needed sunshine and exercise. Unfortunately, there are those visitors who are violating parkland rules by allowing dogs to run off leash. Not only have our officers taken notice, but we are receiving an increasing amount of complaints.

Borough Ordinance#1246 prohibits owners from running their dogs off leash. That includes circumventing the rule by allowing the dog to run free with a leash attached. Additionally, all dogs are prohibited from playground facilities, leashed or not. Officers have been instructed to enforce the ordinance and issue appropriate warnings and citations.

On a side note, when using the parkland system, please park responsibly and make sure your vehicle is always locked.
Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation as we slowly get back to normal. Maintain social distancing, use a mask, and wash your hands. Stay safe!