We’ve been named the “Happiest City in Pennsylvania”!



Population: 10,489
Married rate: 6th highest in PA

It wasn’t even close. Wyomissing is by far the happiest place in the state of Pennsylvania. Let’s see why. First off, having a solid family life is a good indication of how happy someone is. Lots of the residents of Wyomissing aren’t missing out on love; more than 60% of them are married. Plus, the average commute time here is only about 19 minutes each way. That means a lot more time with the spouse and kids. Wyomissing is also the 9th safest place to live, and it’s 16th in the state for number of sunny days. Wyomissing is a borough just outside of Reading. Did you know Taylor Swift grew up here? She’s always in a good mood, right?

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