The Public Works Department is under the direction of Jim Babb. The department is made up of four different groups; the Maintenance, Park, Tree and Buildings and Grounds Departments which are listed below. Should you have any questions or issues, please feel free to call Jim at 610-376-7481 or email him at  To view the 2015 Public Works year in review report click here.


L-R: Lead Person Kevin Lutz, Cal Ulrich, and Mario Illiano


The three man Parks Department maintains over 380 acres of open space along the Wyomissing Creek. This includes maintenance of over 5 miles of trails, bridge repair, mowing, tree and vegetation control along with plantings all around town. This talented crew also plow snow and collect leaves. If you see them working as your walking in the park, don’t be afraid to say hello.





L-R starting at bottom: M.Hoffman, E.Miller, K.Lutz, J.Sweitzer, J. Reinert, T.Nowak, G.Shearer, D. Macrina, C.Ulrich, M.Ulrich, M. McLaughlin, K.Robinson, M. Gantert, D.Auman, J.Babb, T.Bowman, Missing from picture M.Illiano

The eight employees of the Maintenance Department handle all work concerning water distribution, sewer collection and street repairs. These jobs include street repairs, sign installation, meter reading, hydrant repair, sewer cleaning, pump station maintenance, fleet maintenance and much more. they are also the backbone for all snow and leaf removal services.






(L-R) Daniel Macrina, Greg Shearer, and Lead Person Mark McLaughlin

Our three man Tree Department maintains over 7, 000 Borough owned street trees. This work involves planting, training young trees, pruning older trees, tree removal, grinding stumps, responding to residential requests and spraying as necessary.



Kent Robinson takes care of all recreational facilities including the pool, three playgrounds and stone house. In addition, as all the other employees, he collects leaves and plows snow.


When it rains, most people give little thought to runoff. They are either happy because we need it, or upset because we have too much. A small portion of this precipitation is absorbed by the ground and recharges groundwater supplies, but the vast majority runs off lawns, streets, driveways and parking lots. Where does it go? In Wyomissing, it all eventually gets to the Wyomissing Creek or the Tulpehocken Creek. Think about it for a minute, rain water runs off your lawn or driveway, onto the street, into a catch basin and is then piped to the creek. All the while picking up pollutants like lawn fertilizer, antifreeze, grit, water bottles and the list goes on and on.

To limit the harm caused by these pollutants the EPA amended the Clean Water Act by mandating that municipalities in urbanized areas obtain a stormwater permit. This law then tricked down to the PA DEP and then to local governments. By having a permit the Borough must follow some basic rules like educating the public, having public participation, changing ordinances to reduce runoff, having rules for earth disturbance and many more.

As a citizen, we ask that you be aware of these issues. In the long run, better awareness by all will lead to cleaner and better waterways. If you see something that appears to be a pollutant running down the road or in a catch basin, please call the Borough Hall first at 610-376-7481. You can also fill out the form that appears here.

For further information, please check out the two links below:

Berks County Stormwater Education        and       Berks County Conservation District



wbwaThe Western Berks Water Authority was incorporated on May 22, 1969 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Construction of the water treatment plant and transmission system was started in early 1972. Operations commenced in June 1974 and treated water was pumped to customers for the first time on August 1, 1974.

The Authority processes and delivers water in bulk to the Boroughs of Wyomissing, West Reading, and Shillington which, in turn, deliver it to consumers in their municipalities through distribution systems they each maintain. In addition to providing water to the residents of the borough, Shillington also sells water to customers in Mohnton borough and portions of Spring and Cumru Townships.

The Authority’s board consists of six members, two appointed from each of the three member municipalities.

The following individuals comprise the current board:

  • CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Michael D. Hart, West Reading
  • VICE-CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Michael D. Mountz, Shillington 
  • TREASURER:  Mr. David L. Reeser, Wyomissing
  • ASSISTANT TREASURER:  Mr. James A. Beane, West Reading
  • SECRETARY:  Mr. Douglas J. Weiss, Shillington
  • ASSISTANT SECRETARY:  Mr. Christopher E. Choi, Wyomissing

The Western Berks Water Authority maintains a website with information on the operations of the system and can answer many of your questions. To access their website CLICK HERE.

Be sure to check out the 2015 Consumer Confidence Report

PA American Water Company: Covers the old “Hills” section of the Borough