Public Works Department Crew

(l-r) (front): Jake Kaylor, Mike Letsche, Marty Ulrich, Jeff Reinert, Jack Sweitzer; (back) Ted Nowak, Dan Auman, James Babb (Supervisor), Craig Heck and Matt Hoffman


(l-r) Alex Evans (summer help), Gregg Shearer, Mark McLaughlin (Supervisor) and Daniel Macrina

The Public Works Department is tasked with maintaining the Borough’s Infrastructure that includes streets, water, sewer and trees. Listed below is an overview of services the Department provides, along with how to handle common issues you may have. You can contact Jim Babb, the Public Works Manager at 610-376-7481 or  

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2019 Water Quality Report

STREET SWEEPING – Due to our heavy tree cover and the debris associated with them, we sweep streets most of the year unless there is ice or snow in the gutter. We have no assigned days for any individual street. Please do not place sticks in the gutter. The sweeper cannot pick them up and it hurt productivity. Sticks can be placed in paper yard waste bags or bundled. Place them where you normally put your trash and they will be picked up every Wednesday from March through December.

LEAF COLLECTION – Leaf collection is done from late October until mid December. There are certain narrow and one way streets that do have specific days for collection, but as a general rule individual streets do not have assigned days. We attempt to collect each street every five to seven working days. Do not place sticks or yard waste in the curb line with leaves. The machinery is designed to pick up leaves and nothing else. Sticks can be placed in paper yard waste bags or bundled. Place them where you normally put your trash and they will be picked up every Wednesday from March through December.

SNOW PLOWING – We pre-treat and salt roads prior to and during the first few hours of a snow event. When plowing starts, our crews work until all road are cleared. In most circumstances, the following day we are back out opening up spots where cars were parked, opening up intersections and clearing sidewalks. Please try to park cars where they will not affect plowing operations. Talk to your neighbors and try to all park on one side of the street if possible. When using a snow blower, blow the snow onto your yard area and not back in the street. Alley’s will be plowed the day after an event if there is more than 4″ of snow. Keep in mind we do not plow driveways shut on purpose, the snow must be taken off the road and pushed to the curb and planting strip. Our crews work long hours during a snow event to keep our streets clean and passable. We appreciate your cooperation.

BLOCKED SEWERS – If you experience a blocked sewer, please call the Borough Hall first. The sewer lateral from your house to the curb is yours to maintain. From the curb to the sewer main is ours. Due to our heavy tree cover, roots can enter the lateral and cause a blockage. Our crews will respond day or night if you experience a blockage. If we find the issue is in yours, you will then need to call a plumber.

WATER – The Borough purchases its water wholesale from the Western Berks Water Authority. We take delivery at six different metered entry points and then control and maintain the distribution system. The former Wyomissing Hills section of the Borough does not receive our water. They are served by PA American Water. Any billing or quality issues for PA American Water should be directed to them at 1-800-565-7292.

WATER BILLS – If you have a question about your water bill or water quality, please call the Borough Hall at 610-376-7481. Most high water bills can be traced back to leaking toilets. To test for this, put some food coloring int he tank, if it appears in the bowel within a few minutes, you have a continuous leak. It is a small amount but adds up over time running 24 hours a day. We are about half way through a residential meter replacement program. These new “smart” meters will allow us to download data about your water use to help clarify and dispute bills.  Click here to review the 2018 Consumer Confidence Report.

TREES – All trees planted between the curb and sidewalk are owned and maintained by the Borough. The department plants, trims, sprays and removes these trees. If you have a concern about a tree in front of your property, call the Tree Department at 610-678-9985.

SIDEWALK PROGRAM – With all the advantages of the trees in the planting strip, they also cause problems. The major one being the lifting of sidewalks. We have developed a program where the Borough will share half the cost of replacing sidewalk that has been heaved by our trees. The application period is typically in April and May, with the work being performed in the fall. Applications can be obtained at Borough Hall and on our website.