Wyomissing Fire Department
(Berks County – Station #79)
1259 Penn Avenue
Wyomissing, PA  19610

The Wyomissing Fire Dept. and the Spring Township Fire Dept. have worked together to provide fire service for the residents of both municipalities for many years.  In September 2015 an agreement was reached for Spring Township to provide administrative and operational management services for the Borough of Wyomissing Fire Department.  What this means in a nutshell to the residents of Wyomissing is that when there is a fire, at least 6 firefighters will respond to put it out instead of 3.  Spring Township Fire Commissioner Pat Brandenburg and Fire Chief Colin Hackman have done an excellent job getting the two departments to work together seamlessly.   They share leadership, procedures, equipment, training, and of course fire calls.  In addition to this, The firefighters have all been trained in the QRS, (Quick Response Service), to respond to medical emergencies, often before the ambulance arrives.    There have already been many successful examples of the QRS system working successfully here in the Borough, as well as in Spring Township.

                                              Would you like to join the Wyomissing Fire Department?
The Wyomissing Fire Department offers a rewarding opportunity to serve your community. The members are a combination of career and volunteer. There is a function for everyone interested whether as a trained and qualified firefighter, community service provider (providing valuable fire prevention information), or support member. All our members have a common theme and that is a commitment to “help the community”, so consider becoming a member today! It is a decision you will not regret when you experience the satisfaction and camaraderie of the members.

Please download and complete the application for the Wyomissing Fire Department today. Application can be dropped off at the Wyomissing Fire Department, 1259 Penn Avenue, Wyomissing, or emailed to Fire Chief Colin Hackman at chackman@springtwpberks.org. If you have any questions, please call Chief Hackman at (484) 509-2617.

You can find the application simply by clicking here.

Wyomissing has a combination fire department with both career and volunteer firefighters. If you are considering volunteering your time, we invite you to meet with  our organization to learn more about what we do.  Please feel free to stop by the Fire Station to learn more about our strong values and commitment to service and professionalism in our community and to those we serve.  No experience is necessary and we provide all training and equipment to perform the job. If you are not interested in emergency operations, we have other needs as well as Administrative, Public Relations, Fire Prevention and Community Outreach. Contact Fire Chief Colin Hackman for more information on volunteering at:  chackman@springtwpberks.org or Office phone #610-509-2617.

Click here to download a PDF on The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

IMPORTANT: Commercial Fire Protection Alarm Systems Provide More Than Just Life Saving Benefits


    Most commercial property owners are aware of the building code requirement for fire protection and fire alarm monitoring systems and have variations of these systems in their buildings. The Borough further requires annual testing and reporting of these systems.

    Some commercial property owners view the required annual testing, reporting and routine maintenance as yet another cost of doing business. While the systems can be expensive to purchase and maintain, their value far exceeds the common perception that their benefit is only for life safety.

    The Borough’s fire department recently responded to an alarm that was triggered by a smoke detector in an unoccupied area of a commercial building. The detector was part of an overall fire protection system that reports to a monitoring company when an alarm is activated by heat or smoke. The fire department was on-site at the property within one minute of dispatch, with additional units from surrounding areas responding within three to seven minutes. Due to the quick notification and response times, damage to the building, which contains several commercial and residential tenants, was limited to $20,000.00.

    When compared to the estimated value of the structure at $500,000.00, $20,000.00 is a very small figure. Since the fire was contained so quickly and prevented from spreading to the occupied areas of the building, neither the commercial or residential occupants suffered any loss. This saved the property owner from losing thousands of dollars in monthly rental income. Additional damages in the form of lost revenue for the commercial tenants and out of pocket expenses for residential tenants that did not have renter’s insurance could have totaled well over an additional $100,000.00.

    The bottom line is that fire protection systems save lives and first and foremost that is their most important function. As proven by this incident, they can also save a property owner’s investment, resources and financial bottom line.




Cpt. Ethan Holmes Credentialing

(l-r) Pat Brandenburg, Borough Manager; Cpt. Ethan Holmes, Recipient; and Thomas M. Moll, Council President





The Wyomissing Fire Department currently operates four “front line” apparatus:

"Tower 79"

“Tower 79”

Tower 79 is a 2013 Seagrave Marauder / Aerialscope II. This rig is equipped with the following tools and equipment – 95FT. Aerialscope II aerial platform, 188FT. of portable ladders, 4 sets of Forcible Entry Irons, 1 set of “Heavy” Irons, 1 Hydra Ram, 1 Set of OV tools (6FT. NY Roof Hook & Halligan), 4 6FT. NY Roof Hooks, 2 4FT. NY Roof Hooks, 5 Partner saws, 1 Roofmaster chainsaw, 1 Husqvarna chainsaw, 1 Holmatro hydraulic cutter / spreader rescue tool, 4 Junkyard Dog rescue struts, Cribbing, 1 SCOTT RIT PAK II with large area search rope kit, 2 MSA Evolution 5200 TICs, 2 portable Pelican LED scene lights, , 1 Electric and 1 Gas powered PPV Fan, 2 electric Negative Pressure Exhaust fans, a Motion J3500 Tablet PC w/ On-Scene Explorer software, AED / BLS Medical equipment and additional misc. firefighting tools.



Engine 79 is a 2009 KME Predator. This rig is equipped with the following tools and equipment – 1500 GPM Hale Pump w/ 500 Gal. water tank and a 30 Gal. Class A foam tank, 1200FT. of 5″ Supply hose, 3 Pre-connected 1 3/4″ handlines, a 9000 Watt Light Tower, 1 MSA Evolution 5200 TIC, 4 Junkyard Dog Rescue struts, Cribbing, Light Rescue tools, 1 Partner saw, 1 Quickvent chainsaw, 1 Husqvarna chainsaw, 1 Pelican portable LED scene light, 2 sets of Forcible Entry Irons, 2 6FT. NY Roof Hooks, 1 set of OV tools (6FT. NY Roof Hook & Halligan) a Motion J3500 Tablet PC w/ On-Scene Explorer software, 1 500 GPM ground monitor, AED / BLS Medical equipment and some misc. firefighting tools.

"ENGINE 79-1"

“ENGINE 79-1”

Engine 79-1 is a 1994 Pierce Saber. This rig is equipped with the following tools and equipment – 1500 GPM Waterous pump w/ 500 Gal. water tank, 1200FT. of 5″ Supply hose, 2 Pre-connected 1 3/4″ handlines, 1 MSA Evolution 5200 TIC, 1 Quickvent chainsaw, 1 PPV fan, a Motion J3500 Tablet PC w/ On-Scene Explorer software, 1 500 GPM Ground monitor, AED / BLS Medical Equipment and some misc. firefighting tools.

"Utility 79"

“Utility 79”

Utility 79 is a 2012 Ford F250 Super Duty. This vehicle is equipped with a Motion J3500 Tablet PC w/ On Scene Explorer sofware, AED / BLS Medical Equipment.

Old "ENGINE 1"

Old “ENGINE 1”

This 1947 Mack Fire Truck was operated by the former Wyomissing Fire Company #1 and served from 1947 until 1975.  The truck was sold to a private collector, but was eventually returned to the Wyomissing Fire Company #1.  This engine, which is fully operational, has undergone extensive renovation.  It is used for parades, musters, and fire prevention activities. It is currently housed in a spare engine bay in the basement of the Wyomissing Fire Department.

1935hahn (oldfiretruck)

Old “ENGINE 2”

This 1935 Hahn engine was purchased new by the Berkshire Heights Fire Company #2 and has been owned by the Company since that time.  This undated photo was taken in front of the original Berkshire Heights Station at North Wyomissng Blvd and VanReed Road.    It is currently housed in the old engine room of the Berkshire Heights Fire Company on Park Road North.   It is still brought out occassionally for parades and fire prevention activities.  (The driver in the photo is unknown.  If you can identify him, please let us know.)