LT. Thomas D. Endy has been with the Wyomissing Police Department since April of 1991. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2004 and Lieutenant in 2014. He is a graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy, Montgomery County Community College Police Academy and Alvernia College, where he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Systems Administrations.
    LT. Endy has specialized as an evidence technician, American Red Cross CPR/AED/and First Aid instructor, previously as an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) operator, and latent fingerprint examiner.

    LT. Endy lives in the Borough with his wife and two daughters. When not on duty, he enjoys spending time with his family, biking and walking.



    SGT. Moyer joined the Wyomissing Police Department in July of 2005. With his dad serving in the Air Force, he grew up in different areas of the country as well as Germany. SGT. Moyer earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Pensacola Christian College and started his law enforcement career as a Probation/Parole Officer. SGT. Moyer has specialized in Bicycle Patrol, Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics/Handcuffing Instructor, and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2019.

    When not working, SGT. Moyer enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.



    SGT. Ravel joined the Wyomissing Police Department in August of 1990. In addition to his duties as a patrol officer, he is also a certified forensic hypnotist and police motorcycle officer. He was promoted to Sergeant in February of 2008. He has always been interested in law enforcement and was a military police officer in the US Army prior to joining Wyomissing.

    When not on duty, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons.



    SGT. Phillips joined the Wyomissing Police Department in October of 1997 after working for a year in the West Reading Police Department and with troubled youth in Montgomery County, he was promoted to sergeant in 2014. SGT. Phillips is a graduate of the Wyomissing Area High School and Kutztown University, and is a former member of the Army Reserve. SGT. Phillips has specialized as an evidence technician, field training officer, firearms instructor, less lethal instructor, and chemical agent instructor. SGT. Phillips is also an assistant team leader with the tactical element of the Berks County Emergency Response Team. SGT.

    Phillips currently resides here in the Borough with his wife and son. When not on duty SGT. Phillips enjoys being outdoors.



    SGT. Purcell has been with the Wyomissing Police Department since July of 1998. Sergeant Purcell started with the department as a police dispatcher. He was appointed to Police Officer in July of 2002. Sergeant Purcell is a 1993 graduate of Wyomissing High School and Reading Area Community College. He was promoted to sergeant in 2015.

    SGT. Purcell served as the department’s Traffic Enforcement Officer from 2006 until 2012. Sergeant Purcell currently serves on the Berks County District Attorney’s Office Crash Reconstruction Team.





    The Wyomissing Police Department, since 1994 has had highly trained and experienced unit of officer known as the Special Services Unit. These officers respond to incidents requiring multiple pieces of equipment, or very specialized equipment, or where an extended time will be needed to complete a crime scene. These officers are training in documenting incidents through photography, videoing, or sketching, and the identification, collection, and preservation of evidence. To stay current with technology and related practices the unit trains in-house during the year, but also attends outside educational conferences. Officers are certified as Crime Scene Technicians through the International Association for Identification and Harrisburg Area Community College.

    The unit currently consists of Lieutenant Thomas Endy, Sergeant John Phillips, and Officers Matthew Henne, and Barry Moyer.

    Today with all the forensic style television programs, so many victims have come to expect that a police department have a forensic unit to gather that crucial piece of evidence to solve their crime. As well jurors expect police to collect evidence to prove their cases in court. However, the identification, collection, and preservation of evidence are a meticulous portion of the job of a unit member because of the importance of such evidence. But there is more after the identification, collection, and preservation of evidence; it is the scientific analysis of that evidence, which takes months and maybe a year until results are learned.


    In 1994, the special services unit originally worked out of a trunk of patrol car with a wooden chest of limited equipment and exposed to all weather conditions. In 1998, a 1988 Ford Econoline was a converted from a retired ambulance.

    A customized unit was purchased and delivered in July 2008. This unit is equipped with photography, tools, safety, collection equipment all of which officers will need when they arrive on scene to properly and efficiently complete their tasks. This portability saves time and equipment of the officers and allows for a clean, dry, safe working and storage environment, which the collection of evidence requires.

    The Special Services Unit processes the incidents such as burglaries, robberies, thefts, serious accidents, stolen/ recovered vehicles. The goals of the Special Service units are to document, collect evidence, process evidence in house, or send for a forensic laboratory either at the Berks County Forensic Service Unit or the Pennsylvania State Police Regional Laboratory System to aid our criminal investigators in solving crime.




    The Police Department can boast of numerous officers who have an abundance of talent and expertise in specialized fields. These specialized fields are as follows:

    Bicycle Patrol – Officers Baur, Goeltz, Karstien, McIntyre, Cavallo, SGT. Moyer, and Criminal Investigator Quinter

    Crime Prevention – LT. Endy, SGT. Moyer, and Criminal Investigators Garipoli and Anders

    Commercial Vehicle Inspector – Officers Borman-Parker and Goeltz

    Accident Reconstruction – SGT. Purcell and Officer Engelman

    Forensic Hypnosis – SGT. Ravel

    Range Master – SGT. Phillips and Officer Karstein

    Crime Scene Unit / Evidence Technicians – LT. Endy, SGT. Phillips, Officers Henne and Moyer

    Family Group Conferencing – Officer Ney

    Youth Aid Panel – Officers Ney and Henne

    Special Weapons and Non Lethal Use of Force – SGT Phillips and Officer Cavallo

    BCERT Negotiators – SGT. Ravel and Officer Ney

    Tactical – SGT. Phillips and Officer Karstien

    Local College Adjunct Instructors – Officers Ney and Karstien

    Pennsylvania Municipal Education and Training Commission – Chief Biehl