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For information on car seat safety inspections conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police, please visit the Pennsylvania State Police website

For information on selecting the right car seats please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website

  • Do not use a seat that has been involved in a crash. The seat should be replaced and the old one destroyed. Good ways to destroy a seat is with a sledgehammer or take it apart and cut the harness straps before throwing it in the trash.
  • Do not use any after market products (mirrors, sun visors, toys attached to the seat, etc.). They are not crash tested and could become projectiles during a crash.
  • Women who are pregnant should always buckle up to protect her and her unborn child.
    Safety Seats should never be used on side facing jump seats (found in some trucks and station wagons)
  • Do not use a seat that does not have labels on it. You need to know the manufacturers name, model number and date of manufacture in order to determine if the seat has been recalled. Do not use a seat that is over 6 years old. Over time, seats become weak and worn and may not be safe.
  • Try not to buy a used car seat. You cannot always tell if a seat has been recalled or has been in a crash. To be safe, a new seat is the way to go. If you do buy a used car seat, look it over very carefully for any cracks or missing parts. Ask the owner if it has ever been in a crash or has been recalled.
  • Make sure you have the instructions for the seat. Do not rely on the former owner’s directions. If the owner no longer has the instructions, get a copy from the manufacturer.
  • Infant seats that double as carriers should have the handle down during transport. Left in the carrying position, the handle could interfere with the motion of the seat in a crash.
  • Harnesses should be snug against your child and the retainer clip should be at armpit level.
  • To wash the harness: Unthread straps from the seat, wash and let air-dry. Putting the harness straps in the dryer could cause them to melt. Be sure not to loose any pieces and rethread the harness properly. Any questions about rethreading your harness read your owner’s manual.