Person(s) that do not wish to purchase an online report may still obtain a copy of an accident report by completing a “Request for Copy of Police Accident Report” form by clicking the button below. The completed form along with your $15.00 cash or check payment (made payable to Borough of Wyomissing) may be turned in at the Police Department during business hours, or mailed to:
WYOMISSING, PA 19610-2083

Accident reports come in two different forms, reportable and non-reportable. A reportable accident is generally one that involved any injury or a vehicle needed to be towed from the scene. A non-reportable accident is one that does not meet this criteria. This is a very basic explanation of the criteria, and the police officer will make a final determination as the accident investigation proceeds. At the time of the accident, the investigating officer will provide you with a case/report number. It is very important to keep this number as this is what we use to identify the case.

Copies of reportable accidents are prepared on a PA State Police AA-500 form. Officer will prepare this report within 7 working days after the accident investigation is completed. This may be longer depending on the severity of the accident.

Copies of non-reportable accidents, which are prepared on a Wyomissing PD form, are considered an informational exchange only. These are usually available with 24 hours of the accident, and will usually only provide the information about the drivers and vehicles involved.

The Police Department makes every attempt to process accident report requests within a few days of the request being received, however there may be unforeseen delays. Mail your request, along with payment, and we will process the request as soon as possible. It is not necessary to call the police department to determine whether a report is available or that it was sent out unless it has been 30 days since your request was mailed.

When reviewing either type of report, please keep in mind that the Police Department does NOT determine “fault” in an accident. The investigating officer will observe and document information from the operators, witnesses, and personal observations. A traffic citation may or may not be issued. The determination of “fault” is up to the insurance companies as this has to do with subrogation, or simply who will pay the bill. If upon receiving your report, you have a question regarding the contents or information contained in a report you need to contact the investigating officer directly.


Reports for any other type of incident (other than accidents) may be requested, HOWEVER, the only information that will be released is a report indicating the police department responded to a call for service. Absolutely no other information will be released.