Ladder 79 is a 2020 Pierce Enforcer 107-foot Ascendant Ladder truck, and is capable of functioning as a Ladder or an Engine. Ladder 79 is equipped with a 500-gallon water tank, 1,500 gallon per minute pump, ground ladders equaling 129 feet, 500 foot of 5 inch supply hose, 300 foot of 3 inch hose, two 200 foot 2 inch pre-connected hand lines, 150 foot 1.75 inch bumper line, medical equipment and an assortment of fire, rescue and technical rescue equipment.

Engine 79 is a 2009 KME Predator. This rig is equipped with the following tools and equipment – 1500 GPM Hale Pump w/ 500 Gal. water tank and a 30 Gal. Class A foam tank, 1200FT. of 5″ Supply hose, 3 Pre-connected 1 3/4″ handlines, a 9000 Watt Light Tower, 1 MSA Evolution 5200 TIC, 4 Junkyard Dog Rescue struts, Cribbing, Light Rescue tools, 1 Partner saw, 1 Quickvent chainsaw, 1 Husqvarna chainsaw, 1 Pelican portable LED scene light, 2 sets of Forcible Entry Irons, 2 6FT. NY Roof Hooks, 1 set of OV tools (6FT. NY Roof Hook & Halligan) a Motion J3500 Tablet PC w/ On-Scene Explorer software, 1 500 GPM ground monitor, AED / BLS Medical equipment and some misc. firefighting tools.

Utility 79 is a 2012 Ford F250 Super Duty. This vehicle is equipped with a Motion J3500 Tablet PC w/ On Scene Explorer software, AED / BLS Medical Equipment.


This 1947 Mack Fire Truck was operated by the former Wyomissing Fire Company #1 and served from 1947 until 1975. The truck was sold to a private collector, but was eventually returned to the Wyomissing Fire Company #1. This engine, which is fully operational, has undergone extensive renovation. It is used for parades, musters, and fire prevention activities. It is currently housed in a spare engine bay in the basement of the Wyomissing Fire Department.

This 1935 Hahn engine was purchased new by the Berkshire Heights Fire Company #2 and has been owned by the Company since that time. This undated photo was taken in front of the original Berkshire Heights Station at North Wyomissng Blvd and VanReed Road.   It is currently housed in the old engine room of the Berkshire Heights Fire Company on Park Road North.   It is still brought out occasionally for parades and fire prevention activities. (The driver in the photo is unknown. If you can identify him, please let us know.)