The 2019 Yard Waste Program will begin on March 20, 2019 and will continue until December 11, 2019. Yard waste is picked up every Wednesday throughout the entire Borough. All yard waste must be contained in either a biodegradable brown paper yard waste bag or container (i.e., old trash can or container with handles) for collection.  PLASTIC BAGS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. Yard waste bags can be purchased at Borough Hall or any home improvement center. Note the yard waste bags and/or containers cannot exceed 40 pounds and only 10 bags/containers (i.e., 5 bags/5 containers or 3 bags/7 containers, etc.) per week are allowed.  Small branches and twigs are to be bundled together and tied.  If they are loose, they will NOT be picked up. Branches cannot exceed 4′ in length or 6″ in diameter.  Please do not put trash in the bags with yard waste.  Firewood, stumps, dirt or rocks are NOT considered to be yard waste. Do not attempt to put them out for collection, they will NOT be picked up.  If you use a trash can or any type of container for yard waste,  you are reminded to remove the lid on the day of collection so the material can be identified. Thank you.